06 September 2005

[KOER Synthetica Radio Transcripts]
OK, while we're playing the video for "Destroy Everything You Touch" by Ladytron, you're probably wondering why a radio station would be playing a video. Valid question. The answer: because I feel like it. So, Matt Oakley, what do you have to say about the song?

'Destroy Everything You Touch' is the last mouth-watering treat to savour before Ladytron let loose their third album.

OK, can you describe the song, Matt?

The second single from the album is a ferocious assault of haunting imagery and ambience that will pack dance floors, like earlier songs such as 'Seventeen'. Helen Marnie eerily dispatches dark lines like 'everything you touch you don’t feel', while around her the tune relentlessly batters your eardrums with belligerent atmospheric FX.

Belligerent? So it's pretty hard-edged, right?

There is a gracefulness flowing through Ladytron's music that is lacking in many of their contemporaries. This is never more evident than on 'Destroy Everything You Touch'. Despite the aggressive, vengeful tone, you can't help but be drawn into the dark world within their music. Sit back and try to listen to everything going on in the song and you'll find yourself getting lost in some new-found effect or hook.

So how does Ladytron compare to their contemporaries?

Ladytron remain ahead of the chasing pack, ahead of the times, and you'll not hear anything this good unless it's got Ladytron's DNA all over it. Destroy them at your peril.

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