02 April 2004

[KOER Synthetica Radio Transcripts]
Here is Mr. Phil Collins. Welcome to KOER, Phil.

Thank you.

So what are you here to plug?

My website. philcollins dot co dot uk is a fascinating place with tons of information.

Such as?

The calendar entry "Got Job with Genesis" on August 4, 1970. Catchy, innit?

Uh, yeah.

And how about this fascinating tidbit? "In 1980 he played drums on Peter Gabriel's third solo album and at the singers request left his cymbals at home." Did you know what I had in my pocket?


MY CAR KEYS! That's an exclusive for your station.

I'm thrilled.

And you know what's best about my solo career?


No songs about lawnmowers.

I don't get it.

You will. And check this out: "Walt Disney asked him in to compose the songs to their latest animated feature 'Tarzan', the resulting single, 'You'll be in my Heart', was a major US hit and earned him a prestigious Oscar award." Isn't that amazing?

Many people have worked for the Disney company. Elton John, Cheech Marin-

No, not the company. Walt Disney. Walt Disney called me.

(pause) He's dead, Phil.

No he's not. They froze him and then thawed him. That's why Roy is so contentious. Walt even pushes his own lawnmower.

There you go with the lawnmowers again.

I will not be treated with this lack of respect!

(door slams)

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