06 April 2004

[KOER Synthetica Radio Transcripts]
And now another in our series of interviews - today we present the
Seldom Scene.


Now, according to your website you are Sugar Hill Records recording artists.

That's correct. We've released...um, what is it...nine albums with Sugar Hill Records. We've been very happy with them.

Well, I have some questions about your association with Sugar Hill Records.


Have you ever eaten chicken at the record label?

Um, yeah.

Did it taste like wood?

Uh...no it didn't.

Did you ever stay in motels/hotels with Big Bank Hank?

Who's he?

Say what?

Say what?

Ah, now you got it.

Got what?

This is very strange. Why would white rappers be carrying that ukelele thing?

I think you're thinking about a different Sugar Hill Records. Our Sugar Hills Records is not related to the rap group The Sugar Hill gang, or the 70's/80’s rap label of the same name. If you are looking for music by the Sugar Hill Gang or other artists from that label, please contact Rhino Records.

Oh. So you don't know the incredible Master Gee.


And you've never met Wonder Mike.

Can't say that we have.

Johnny Cash?

He recorded a song by one of our former members.

Was it a rap song?

Not hardly.

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