10 February 2004

[KOER Synthetica Radio Transcripts]
...and I guess you could say that Steve Burd is cooked! Ha ha ha! Well, that's another edition of Bad Union Humor. Now I'd like to introduce my guests, General Wesley "General" Clark, and Ima Publicityhound from
Pointless Gorilla Marketing.

[WESLEY] I'm a general!

And I'm a fish. The first issue I want to address is the Southern California grocery strike.

[IMA] One day longer, one day stronger!

[WESLEY] I'm a general!

General Clark, do you believe that President Bush should be doing more to solve the grocery strike?

[WESLEY] He wasn't a general!

[IMA] Vote for Dean, don't vote Green!

[WESLEY] Howard Dean wasn't a general! I'm a general!

[IMA] Steve Burd is a nerd!

Thank you for sparing us from the excretory references.

[IMA] Hey, you're right! Steve Burd-

[WESLEY] Steve Burd wasn't a general! I'm a general!

[IMA] Wes won't get the nomination, Wesley Clark won't lead the nation!

OK, time to play "Stairway"....

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