09 November 2003

[KOER Synthetica Radio Transcripts]
Several minutes without a major malfunction - a record! Pardon the pun. Well, we just heard the title track from Alexa's Wish's "Whatever" CD, and before that we heard the complete version of "Armsley Square" from the "Road Array" CD, and we started with "Taco Taco Taco" from Doctor Orange. Welcome to KOER Synthetica Radio, the station that plays all the hits and all the non-hits and just about everything else. Do you have trouble seeing at night? Well, turn the light on! A message from Southern California Edison. Be a Big Brother, unless you're female. Then you can be a Big Sister. If you're transgendered, you figure it out. My brain hurts. Time for the Norwegian 8-track version of the Dave Gahan song "Bitter Apple." This is KOER.

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